About Me

As the child of two biologists, I thought all children dissected the dead birds and frogs they found in the yard. I thought all adults knew the biological names of the wildflowers, and to this day I can't cross a body of water without looking for fish. I was fascinated by science in high school and went on to earn a degree in physics. After a brief diversion to New York City (which I still believe to be the center of the universe) I returned to the sciences by way of the arts in California when I graduated from the Science Illustration Certificate Program at California State University at Monterey Bay. My freelance clients include the Exploratorium, Edible Magazine, Graze Magazine, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, WIRED Magazine, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

I currently teach Science Illustration at California State University at Monterey Bay, and University of California, Santa Cruz.

For more information about me, to view works in progress, and to see visual evidence of every time I see a banana slug follow me on Instagram .

Photo: Anna Howard Studios