Turing School of Software & Design

I just finished up the Back-End Engineering Program at the Turing School in Denver.

Check out some of the cool things I made here:

  1. International Space Station Tracker

  2. All my Repos

  3. Pinspirations

    Our assignment was to clone Pinterest and we took our charge very seriously.

  4. Online Resume

    An updated resume with all my new skillz.

Randall Museum

I finished up another set of watercolor spot illustrations for the Randall Museum in San Francisco, bringing the total above 100!

See some past illustrations here


Now I'm in Augusta, GA doing some UX/UI contract work, and actively seeking a full-time web developer position. Do you know anyone who is looking for a back-end or full stack web developer in Augusta or remote? email me, I'd love to hear more.

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